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mid-riff brain

What is it?

The Mid-Riff Brain™ is a fully functional wearable computer that enables its user to go anywhere while doing virtually anything...hands free!
The Mid-Riff Brain™ combines the e-belt with a lumbar-mounted central processing unit, data input capability, (keyboard, touch screen, or voice recognition) and display.

 square PDF Brochures for the Mid-Riff Brain™:
   General applications
   Hobbyist applications
 Mid-Riff Brain™ Advantages
  • Comfortable - no more hot, restrictive vests or clumsy eyepieces. Display arm can be folded neatly into the body for freedom of
  • Cost-effective - have a complete wearable computing system for a reasonable price.
  • Configurable - scale up or down simply by removing or adding peripherals.
  • Complete - the Mid-Riff Brain is a fully self-contained mobile computing solution.

  • square Mid-Riff Brain™ Options - Call or email us to configure
  • 300 MHz CPU (by special order: 850 MHz CPU)
  • 64 MB EDO/FPM RAM (up to 256MBr)
  • 6 GB HDD, EIDE (expandable)
  • Windows 98 (Win2K or XP, LINUX)
  • Keyboard, touchpad, touch screen, voice recognition
  • 2 PCMCIA card slots, Type II or III
  • Serial, USB, or Parallel ports
  • GPS
  • Li-ion battery
  • <5 pounds
  • Other options: Choice of OS including LINUX, Sealed Case Floppy, CD ROM, application-specific peripherals

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